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One more time, let's go one more time!

Yuffie Kisaragi Hello! This is a site dedicated to the GREAT NINJA YUFFIE KISARAGI aka the Single White Rose of Wutai, and I just know you're dyin' to talk to a babe like her. And just in case that attention grabbing first line didn't make it clear, this is a light hearted fanlisting dedicated to Yuffie Kisaragi from Final Fantasy VII and the associated Compilation. This site is listed at the Fanlistings.

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updated on 17 May 2017
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Howling Moon: Red XIII/Nanaki

Brighter Day was previously known as Ninja! and hosted at my old domain(s). This is version one of the new and hopefully soon to be improved site, which was offline for several years. I was approved for the fanlisting in early 2016, and currently that's the only section of the site online. The rest of it is still a work in progress!