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Hello and welcome to Howling Moon. This is a small shrine dedicated to Red XIII (also known as Nanaki) from the videogame Final Fantasy VII and associated titles. This site is also listed site for Red, so if that's what you are looking for, you can go directly here to join.

Red is an interesting but often overlooked character, so I do hope you will take a look around and perhaps take away a new found appreciation for him! Navigation is above, and I hope you enjoy your stay. ♥ Please be aware that there are unmarked spoilers for Final Fantasy VII everywhere on this site.

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This site was made as part of the Creature Feature Challenge at Amassment in July 2014. There were a lot of great sites made for it, and you can find them all here. The last (non fanlisting) updates were made in March 2017, with a new layout and some content tweaks. It's likely there'll be no further updates until the release of the Final Fantasy VII remake.